Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Olympics come to Tiny Treks!

The Insignificant Elephant
This week Tiny Treks experienced its own version of the Olympics!  The kids had such fun first looking at pictures of different olympic events in the newspaper and talking about what they might have seen on tv.  For a craft we created the Olympic symbol using pipe cleaners and cheerios on paper.  Next we pretended to be skiiers and birds flying high in the sky like the ski jumpers.  Each trekkers got to have their own olympic schedule to complete which included sports such as "balancing on a log" and "jumping off a rock".  Everyone was successful in garnering their own Gold Medal at the end of class! We read a story about a quiet elephant who manages to win a medal after not being noticed for a long time. It was very exciting to wear a medal home.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Tiny Trekkers create their own tree!

This week was the culmination of 4 weeks of learning about trees: their trunks, their growth rings and their roots.  So, we made a tree out of a long, cardboard box.  We covered it in construction paper and attached "roots" to the bottom along the floor and "leaves" to the top.  It was fun using tape and gluesticks and paper together.  We danced around the tree singing our Tree song (see below) and then had circle time.  We sang a Diamond favorite "Each of us is a flower".  On our hike, we saw a tree that had just fallen on the path and got to see the roots up close!  We also played hide and seek from the moms.  We saw trees growing around stumps with roots WAY up in the air.  We ended our day eating "ants on a log" snacks and reading Going on a Bear Hunt, which brings us to the next 4 weeks session.  What lives in the forest?