Wednesday, January 27, 2010

We read Crinkleroot's Guide to Knowing the Trees

This was a fun book to go over with the Tiny Trekkers after exploring the girth of trees, tree rings and roots.  All are covered in this book.  It was a little wordy for the preschoolers but fun to look at the funny man who "knows" trees! I adapted the book for the different ages in my classes.  You can do this at home by adding in more or less of the information while watching your child's attention span. 

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Roots Rock!

We continued today with our Tree Theme.  We made "tree roots" with toilet paper rolls and paper.  We looked at different kinds of roots from radishes to beets.  We were able to see all kinds of roots on our hike. There were roots to trip on in the path and uprooted trees with their roots all ready to be looked at. We saw small roots and big roots.  We even learned about how the roots suck up the water and nutrients with their roots by using a straw to drink orange juice.  Roots are awesome!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Tree Song

From : -

Sung to: "The Farmer in the Dell"

The trees are growing high,

(Raise arms overhead, fingers touching.)

The trees are growing high.

With soil and rain and sunny days,

The trees are growing high.

The trees are growing roots,

(Bend over and touch floor.)

The trees are growing roots.

With soil and rain and sunny days,

The trees are growing roots.

The trees are growing bark,

(Run hands up and down sides.)

The trees are growing bark.

With soil and rain and sunny days,

The trees are growing bark.

All about Trees!

This January we have been studying trees.  We began by measuring around trees and talking about which were bigger around and which were smaller.  Sometimes we guessed and then checked to see if we were right by using yarn.  The next week we explored growth rings on trees.  We learned we could tell how old a tree is by counting the circles.  This week we are talking about tree roots and what they are for.  I wonder how many roots we can see on trees?  Are they always underground or sometimes can we see them above ground?  I'll let you know what the children have discovered about tree roots tomorrow!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Welcome to Tiny Treks in the Northwest!

It is an exciting time to be opening the hearts and minds of young ones and their parents and guardians to the world outside. We know that our world is changing-we read about environmental disasters every day. Glaciers melting, forests burning... and if you are like me you wonder "what can a person like me do to help?"

An an educator, I believe that teaching our newest generation the love of nature and the outdoors is the first and one of the most crucial steps to keeping our planet vibrant and alive.

Bring your child to Tiny Treks and together we can search for bugs under rocks and birds rapping on trees. Let's make sure that this next generation has some of the memories we have of running through the woods, squishing toes in the sand and making mud pies.

Our lives are so clean and our child's lives so organized. But nature brings out creativity and exuberance we can perhaps get no where else. Nature is unpredictable. Nature is a force to be reconned with. Let's enjoy and appreciate it!