Sunday, October 17, 2010

Fall City Farms is Pumpkin Fun!

The Pumpkin Farm was so fun!  There is a hay bale maze there that had thousands of tiny mushrooms growing on top of each bale of hay.  When we got to the middle we played "ring around the rosie" and all fell down!  Then it was time for our hay ride.  The farmer took us all over their fields and the resident dog jumped on and off the tractor to many smiles and laughs!  We hiked way out to the fields and looked for pumpkins no bigger than the "size of our heads".  It turned out that the pumpkins in the field were VERY big so we just walked around observing how pumpkins grow and then went back to choose pumpkins at the farm store.  We made pumpkin shakers and sang "Shake your sillies out" with them shaking along.  They were very loud!  The sun shone the whole time and a Great Blue Heron greeted us at the pond. 

We ended the class with individual bags of popcorn and a few stories.  Yum!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Community Gardens in Marymoor Park were gorgeous!

Last Friday Tiny Treks decended upon the Community Gardens of Marymoor Park in Redmond.  The sun was shining as I set up 2 picnic tables-each with a different craft.  I put out leaves to trace and make rubbings of on one table and butterfly makings on the other.  They were both popular but I think everyone had the most fun with the butterflies.  We took our butterflies (made out of coffee filters, clothespins and pipecleaners) and had them land on the squash blossoms and various flowers.  We flapped our arms on our way to the circle time on a big green tarp.  After singing and stretching in the warm sun we began our walk around the garden.  We stopped and looked at the jalapeno peppers and wax beans growing.  We saw big and small pumpkins and other squashes growing along the ground.  At the back of the garden is a special park with a fountain and some art sculptures.  We all took turns throwing rocks into the water around the fountain.
On our way back to the picnic tables we saw two white butterflies chasing each other and a humming bird.  Many of the plants were on their last legs before being pulled up for the winter-but they were still so pretty. 
For snack we had icecream cones filled with yummy yogurt and we read a book about gardens.
It was a lovely day!