Friday, June 18, 2010

Red Riding Hood in the forest of Farrel McWhirter.

In order to create the world of fairy tales we decorated bags with stickers and pens and added a handle to make our bags into "baskets" -like the basket Red Riding Hood carried to grandma's house.  We then went to look for treasures to bring to grandma.  We found pinecones, leaves and even some hidden plastic eggs with stickers inside! (where did they come from ?)  Then we took our baskets on a hike and had our picnic by the stream where Maddie the Monkey and a Wolf puppet told the story of Red Riding Hood once more.  Picnicking under the trees, by a stream was truely a fairytale come true!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Fairytale camp is so fun!

What a great day we had at Tiny Treks Fairytale camp! The theme was The 3 little pigs. After getting to know each other a bit we found sticks in the woods then sorted them from small to large. Then we made them into a teepee shape and tied them together. That was our stick house just like the second little pig made! Then we had a fun circle time singing "This little Piggy" and "To Market to Market to buy a fat pig". We saw giant Dottie, the farm's pig and the new baby kid (goat).  She is so cute!  Our hike was exciting! We climbed on trees, pretended there was a troll under the bridge and found a moth that looked just like the leaves! Wow! It was a fun day at Tiny Treks!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Last day of the year-Paddleboating on Cottage Lake with goslings and frogs.

We were so lucky to have the rain stop just long enough for us to take out the paddleboat on Cottage Lake.  We brought a picnic along and ate lunch at the main park near the playground.  But not before we saw 8 baby goslings with the Father Goose and Mother Goose.  The goslings still had their pale yellow eiderdown feathers.  We paddled furiously to try and catch up with them but they were too fast!  Then we hiked to the bridge to see if we could find frogs.  Yes-there were 5 frogs in the water and probably more staring up at us as we leaned over the bridge.  I sang a german frog song :

Heut' ist ein Fest bei den Froeschen am See,

Ball und Konzert und ein gro├čes Diner.

Qua, qua, qua, qua.

Qua, qua, qua, qua, qua, qua, qua, ...

And also the song:

there's a little green frog swimming in the water

a little green frog doing what he oughter

he jumped right off of the lily pad

that the little duck bit and he said "I'm glad

I'm a little green frog swimming in the water.  Glump, glump glump!

After paddling back to the house, we had to say our sad goodbyes to Maddie the Monkey and each other until Tiny Treks starts up again.